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Reduce the risk of litigation with this simple and affordable plan. This is coverage you and your contractors shouldn’t be without.

Newspaper Distributor Plans

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At C&C Insurance we are committed to protecting newspapers, their distribution companies and independent contractors by providing Accident Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance. Protect yourself and provide comprehensive and inexpensive benefits to your independent contractors.

This Insurance provides Newspapers and Distribution Companies a wall of protection between you and the Independent Contractor. The Independent Contractor benefits by having available comprehensive and inexpensive coverage which would be difficult, if not impossible for them to purchase on their own.

  • Protection from the risk of litigation should an independent contractor be injured while on the job.
  • Add value to your offering for prospective independent contractors.
  • Fill gaps left by provincial plan cutbacks.
  • Provides valuable tax-free benefits.
  • The only Insurance Plan that provides weekly income loss in the event they are injured and cannot work.
  • Discounted group rates designed for their unique needs.
  • We have provided vital coverage to the newspaper industry for over 30 years.
  • We have a thorough understanding of the business and its unique needs.
  • We insure over 280 newspapers & distribution companies in Canada.
  • We provide coverage to over 85,000 Independent Contractors.

At C&C Insurance our clients come first. Our Licensed agents & administrative staff answer inquiries within 24 hours guaranteed.

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